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Great beers with a crisp finish. I have not heard of this brewery before but would look to buy these again!

Great Gift for mates

Cool gift idea!

this bundle definitely fits a surfer

well-thought-out curated items for surfers! lovin' everything in this bundle!

Christmas & Summer in one!

no more overthinking of what gift to give. THIS IS JUST THE PERFECT GIFT for Christmas AND Summer!

indeed the perfect gift for any surfer

love this bundle! every surfer should get this as a gift!

Bondi Holiday
the buying process is really helpful and easy to navigate

i love how Bondi Gifts help you go through steps 1-4 to customise your perfect gift. it's an amazing added function. thank you !

So easy to customise! my best friend really loved the gift!

I've been looking for what to give my best friend for hours and I just couldn't find a unique one. Until I found Bondi Gifts! my best friend loved everything inside the hamper. plus, it's all local goodie! who wouldn't love it. thank you Bondi Gifts!

Perfect for Corporate Gifts!

Bondi Gifts made it easy for our company to find a gift for him/her with their gift finder and so easy to customise!